Kaufman Rossin in the Community: Knight-Thon

Kaufman Rossin’s Harriet Cohen talks about her niece’s involvement with Knight-Thon.

Breaking Barriers for Women with Kaufman Rossin’s Diversity Initiative

In honor of International Women’s Day, Maria Toledo discusses her experiences and shares advice to women balancing their professional and personal lives.

FAQ: Basics of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

How do you pay for things with cryptocurrency? Is cryptocurrency secure? Check out this FAQ for answers to your cryptocurrency-related questions.

Mitigating Risk Through Fraud Prevention and Detection

Owners and leaders of organizations who want to mitigate fraud risk and quickly identify bad actors within their organization need to think about two crucial dimensions of fraud systems: prevention and detection.

How to Keep Employees Healthy During Busy Season with Wellness Programs

A well-designed employee wellness program can help lower healthcare costs, increase employee engagement and productivity, lower absenteeism, and improve recruitment and retention efforts.

Keep Watch on These Bills Affecting Consumer Financial Services

Florida’s 2018 legislative session is underway, which means that for the next few weeks, Florida’s lawmakers will vote on new laws and requirements that could potentially have an impact on the consumer financial services industry.

How the New Tax Law Impacts U.S. Businesses With Outbound Operations

Some businesses can expect to pay a new transition tax while learning to navigate a newly established quasi-territorial tax system, in addition to taking a new income category and deduction into account.

Top Tax Changes for Manufacturers and Distributors

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes tax changes that are positive for the manufacturing and distribution industry as well as provisions that are negative.

Law Firms See Negative Impact from Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, although generally “business friendly,” doesn’t treat law firms very kindly. 

How the Tax Reform Act Impacts the Technology Industry

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact businesses in a number of ways – some provisions will likely enhance business, while others have the potential to hinder business. For companies in the technology industry, the tax legislation’s effects lean more positive.