Are You Ready for the New Revenue Recognition Standard?

In an attempt to condense numerous regulations and interpretations, one new standard has been released that could improve the way companies account for revenue and deferred revenue.

The New QuickBooks 2016 Features You Want to Know About

QuickBooks 2016 is here, and we’re excited to share some of the new and improved features that can benefit you and your business.

Beware of Fake IRS Emails this Tax Season

Tax season is here, and it’s bringing an unwelcomed plate to the party: Phish. Once again fraudsters are seizing the opportunity to deceive and manipulate their targets by sending e-mails that are designed to appear as though they come from the IRS.

Kaufman Rossin in the Community: E-SToPP

Lisa Kahn Little of Kaufman Rossin talks about her involvement in the community.

IRS Sends Incorrect IP PIN Letters to Tax ID Theft Victims

The IRS has recently taken notice of an internal error causing taxpayers to receive letters with the wrong date listed for their identity protection personal identification numbers (IP PIN).

Internal Controls: 5 Common Challenges for Small Businesses

Small businesses are frequently victimized and tend to suffer disproportionately large losses from fraud compared to larger organizations.

What You Need to Know About Tangible Property Regulations

The new tangible property regulations, also known as the “repair regulations,” went into effect January 1, 2014, changing the way most taxpayers think about their tangible property capitalization policies. Although the 2014 tax year presented a unique opportunity to write off prior-year capitalized repairs, taxpayers who have tangible property expenditures

QuickBooks Tip: Plan Ahead for Tax Season with Intuit’s Year-End Guide

As 2016 looms closer and the holiday lights grow brighter, our focus may shift from financial reporting to just one more piece of turkey, ham, or potato latke. But now is also the time to dig into year-end planning and smooth the way for preparation of your 2015 income tax returns. Thankfully, Intuit is helping see past the tinsel by offering a Year-End accounting guide within QuickBooks Desktop.

Kaufman Rossin in the Community: Paws4You

Todd Kesterson of Kaufman Rossin talks about his involvement in the community.

IRS Providing Copies of Fraudulent Returns for Tax ID Theft Victims

By following the instructions posted by the IRS, taxpayers can now obtain copies of returns that were filed by thieves using the taxpayer’s stolen identification.