Protecting Inherited IRAs from Creditors

Who do you plan to leave your individual retirement account (IRA) to when you’re gone? If you plan to leave it to a beneficiary other than your spouse, your beneficiary’s “inherited IRA” may be exposed to creditors. However, an accumulation trust may protect an inherited IRA.

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QuickBooks Tip: Changes Coming to QuickBooks 2015

QuickBooks 2015 has arrived and there are some new features and changes you need to know about. From reporting changes to registration improvements and admin updates, QuickBooks 2015 has a clear focus on fine-tuning features that users have come to rely on.

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Investing in South Florida: The Growing Financial Services Sector

Efforts from economic development officials in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties to make South Florida more attractive to fund managers, on top of the region’s proximity to Latin America and a lack of state income tax, are transforming Miami into the new Wall Street South.

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Partner Compensation: Looking Beyond Billable Hours and Originations

How do you determine partner compensation at your law firm? You certainly consider each partner’s originations and working attorney receipts. But what about his or her reputation for top-notch client service, leadership ability, staff development efforts and specialized expertise?

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Is Your Bank Ready to Meet Cecil?

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) proposed a new model to account for loan losses, and it’s now time for financial institutions to start getting ready for the changes.

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