Attending a Holiday Party This Year? Be Strategic With These 5 Tips

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The holiday season is upon us, and that means it is time to party, party, party!  This time of the year presents a lot of invitations to attend holiday events.  Many of us look forward to eating, drinking and having a great time with our friends and coworkers.

While parties can be a lot of fun, they can also provide excellent opportunities to network and meet potential clients. Here are five suggestions to get the most out of the holiday festivities:

  1. Arrive a few minutes early.  Most parties and events will have a registration table with name badges.  Take a few minutes to look them over; they may provide you with an idea of who is attending and the companies represented. You might recognize some of them or make a mental note of 3 or 4 people that you would like to meet.
  2. Invite a friend.  Take a guest: a friend, colleague or professional connection. Doing so may give you a level of comfort and offer a networking opportunity to someone who will appreciate the invitation to mingle and meet new people.
  3. Add value. While you want to make connections for yourself, plan on being a point of reference for others.  If you meet someone who mentions a need for a particular service or product that you cannot assist with, perhaps you may know someone whom you can introduce or refer that person to.  In addition, think of other people you may know who can use the services or product that your new contact offers.
  4. Look for centers of influence.  Scope out the room for hubs where people are gathered and take note of the people in the center of the groups.  Use good judgment and a little bit of finesse and think of ways to join the conversation.
  5. Think win/win. Follow up with the new people you’ve met. A future lunch date, an invitation to an organizational event, or a link to a blog that is interesting to them  can help nurture the business relationship. Bringing your new contacts into the fold of your organization through introductions or inviting them to functions will benefit you and your company.

Holiday celebrations offer priceless opportunities to spend time with colleagues, clients and friends. Keep these tips in mind and party on!


Susan Wandersman is a Director of Client Services in Kaufman, Rossin’s Boca Raton office. Sue can be reached at

Dany Lowe is a professional in the Forensics, Advisory & Valuation Services department at Kaufman, Rossin’s Ft. Lauderdale office. Kaufman, Rossin is one of the top CPA firms in Florida. Dany can be reached at

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One comment on “Attending a Holiday Party This Year? Be Strategic With These 5 Tips
  1. Robert McKee says:

    This is an excellent blog post.

    Very real world and very applicable.

    All five are great ideas. I am going to particularly use #3 and #4. It makes holiday parties and networking more strategic.

    This is very erudite and speaks highly about the quality of your firm

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