Kaufman Rossin in the Community: Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Steven M. Demar of Kaufman Rossin talks about his involvement in the community

Which organization are you involved in and what is its mission?

I’m involved with Make-A-Wish Foundation. The organization fulfills the wishes of children between the ages of 2-and-a-half to 18 years with life-threatening diseases, such as leukemia and cancer. Make-A-Wish Foundation is a national organization, and I’m involved with its Southern Florida chapter.

Tell us about your role with Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I am the former chairman of the board and treasurer of the organization. I have been involved and presently take on a fundraising and advisory role. I have also been involved as a wish granter.

What prompted you to get involved with Make-A-Wish Foundation?

For me, it’s gratifying to give back to the community. I have a soft spot for helping kids, and a friend of mine introduced me to the organization more than 15 years ago. I jumped right in and have volunteered with Make-A-Wish Foundation ever since.

What inspired you to coordinate a Tacky Sweater Day for Make-A-Wish Foundation?

First, I want to build awareness of the organization and let people know what it does for children and their families. Someone might have a family member or neighbor who can benefit from the foundation’s efforts.

Second, I want to raise money to support Make-A-Wish Foundation’s mission to make kids’ dreams come true. I would love to raise enough money so we can sponsor a wish.

What is your advice for others who are thinking about getting involved in the community?

Find an organization with objectives you believe in and have a passion for. Enjoy the volunteer work you’ll be doing and don’t simply participate for business reasons. I have a need for giving back, and volunteering with Make-A-Wish satisfies that need. You should feel the same way when helping out organizations of your choice.

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