How Kaufman Rossin Plays to Employees’ Strengths

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Kaufman Rossin has won numerous “Best Place to Work” awards over the years.  So what makes our firm such a standout?

Most of our employees would respond with a resounding, “the people!”  Others may point out that our people-first culture means management truly cares about our employees as individuals, not just as workers. Still others may list our extensive perks: free yoga, catered dinners, subsidized massages and physical therapy, flexible schedule options, career development advisor programs, and more. 

But if you ask me, it’s because Kaufman Rossin plays to each employee’s strengths! Most of our employees have talents and passions outside of work, and we tap into those to benefit our people and our clients whenever possible.

For example:

  • You’re a regular at local breweries and think bringing them all together for a Beer Bash for our clients would be a great idea? We’re hoppy to infuse that into our marketing program!
  • You absolutely love salsa dancing and would like to teach your colleagues a few moves via a firm-hosted LIFE Class? Samba to your heart’s content!
  • You minored in Spanish during college and would like to work remotely in Barcelona for the summer? Pues, vete … as long as your work can get done effectively!

It’s this type of adaptability and individual consideration that provides employees with a well-rounded and enjoyable daily work life.

Building upon the firm’s personalized environment, we recently introduced Conversations with the Founder.  Now, every single new hire meets with CEO and Founding Principal  , one-on-one, during his or her first three months at the firm. This opportunity to connect with the CEO at such a personal level is already proving invaluable for our employees. At the same time, these meetings provide firm management with an opportunity to learn more about what strengths and unique perspectives our newest additions have to offer.     

Many our employees’ ideas have translated into programs benefitting the firm and its clients. For example, two employees pioneered the firm’s Diversity Initiative, while another leads a new department focusing on Technology Development and Innovation.  

Whether  through a survey asking employees what we can do to make their lives easier or just through casual conversations, firm leaders regularly solicit feedback and value input from employees at all levels. At Kaufman Rossin, we value the individual strengths, talents and interests of our people and do our best to support and build upon the unique qualities and perspectives that each person brings to the firm.

Have a great idea to share? If you’re a current employee, visit Share An Idea on our intranet to let us know what’s on your mind. Want to join our team? Visit our to see our Careers section to see our current job openings. 


Lorienne Dittmar is a recruiting and HR supervisor in Kaufman Rossin’s Miami office. Kaufman Rossin is one of the top CPA and advisory firms in the U.S. Lorienne can reached at  

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