Jim Kaufman and Jay Rossin met while attending college at the University of Florida. Their friendship grew during their years together at Pi Lambda Phi. After graduation, Jim and Jay worked together in the same firm, studied for the CPA exam, and spent countless hours talking about the ideal place to work.

Their vision was a CPA firm that nurtured creativity, rewarded innovation, encouraged professional growth, and always put employees’ interest first. With $2,000 in 1962, they opened an office where they could pursue their vision of being accountants in the business of people.

Kaufman Rossin grew under their leadership into one the leading professional providers in Florida and the U.S. How did they do it?

Jim and Jay emphasized joy at work, and it rooted as one of the firm’s core values.

It’s in our culture and that’s one reason we’re able to retain employees so well for our industry. Our people feel recognized, rewarded and valued. Employee satisfaction translates into strong client relationships and that’s why were known for our caring client service.

“We created a place where we love to be. And that’s why we’re still here today.” —Jim Kaufman