CFO Advisory

Think you don’t need a CFO?

You’re focused on your company’s operations. Your accountant is focused on the numbers. But what do those numbers mean for your business goals?  Are you using them to measure your performance, track your progress or improve your profits?

A CFO can act as an invaluable bridge between you and your accountant, analyzing and interpreting the data and offering recommendations to improve business results. Your CFO should be your wingman – your strategic partner in making decisions that align with your company’s objectives.  

But many mid-sized growing businesses can’t afford to pay for a full-time, well-qualified CFO.  That’s why we created our CFO advisory model. It’s like owning fractional shares of a private plane.

Kaufman Rossin’s business consulting team includes professionals with decades of experience serving as full-time and interim CFOs for companies like yours. Our model gives clients access to decades of experience in accounting, finance and investment banking as well as financial, operational and administrative management.  

CFO advisory services may include:



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