Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Insights

Kaufman Rossin’s Frank Pena, assurance & advisory services principal, discusses how accounting strategies can help manufacturing and distribution business leaders improve internal controls and streamline processes.

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Business Insights into Performance Improvement

Kaufman Rossin’s Ian Goldberger, business consulting services manager, discusses the risks of ignoring performance improvement strategies and opportunities to optimize processes with automation. He also identifies the types of KPIs businesses should set up to stay on track and maximize performance.

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2018 Broward Executive Survey Results

Download this survey report to see how Broward County business leaders are feeling about the future.

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Enterprise Risk Management Insights

Enterprises face a variety of risks, such as compliance risks, legal risks and reputational risks. Learn the importance of taking a holistic approach to your enterprise’s risk assessment from Kaufman Rossin’s Ivan Garces, risk advisory services principal, and Justin Gwin, risk advisory services associate principal. 

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AML Best Practices: Customer Risk Rating and CDD

Establishing a sound customer risk rating methodology is one effective method for banks to monitor customers and accounts on an ongoing basis. Learn more about anti-money laundering (AML) best practices, customer risk ratings and customer due diligence (CDD) from Kaufman Rossin’s Jason Chorlins, risk advisory services principal.

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AML Best Practices: Consequences of Missing Suspicious Activity

Kaufman Rossin’s Jason Chorlins, risk advisory services principal, discusses a few consequences of missing AML red flags that can increase the cost of compliance at your financial institution.

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AML Best Practices: Identifying Red Flags in AML Investigations

Automated monitoring systems are just one powerful tool to employ during AML investigations. Learn AML best practices from Kaufman Rossin’s Jason Chorlins, risk advisory services principal.

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Training Employees to Identify Phishing Emails

Training and testing employees is one way to mitigate the risk of a successful cyber-attack against your business. Learn more about PhishNet by Kaufman Rossin from Information Security and Compliance Director Jorge Rey.

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Fraud & Internal Controls Insights

Lack of controls is the #1 cause of fraud, according to ACFE’s 2016 Global Fraud Study. Learn more about preventing fraud with internal controls from Kaufman Rossin’s Justin Gwin.

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Cybersecurity: What is Phishing?

Phishing is one method hackers employ to steal data from company networks. Learn more about phishing attacks from Kaufman Rossin’s Jorge Rey.

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