Optimizing Medical Practice Management

Consider optimizing the management of your medical practice to maximize assets and better serve your patients – and your business.  

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Tax Tip: Easily Forgotten Tax Deductions

Some of your everyday expenses may qualify for tax deductions. Learn about commonly overlooked personal income tax deductions, and make sure to keep track of your expenses.  

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Don’t Wait to Start Estate Planning

The number one tip for estate planning? Don’t wait. You should address your estate planning strategy sooner rather than later. Learn how planning ahead can help protect your assets.

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Tax Implications for Foreigners Investing in U.S. Real Estate

Real estate property is considered a U.S. asset, and therefore subject to various taxes. Foreigners should know the possible tax implications before making a purchase.

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Regulatory Insights for Financial Institutions

Regulatory non-compliance can cost financial institutions millions. Explore best practices for running an effective and compliant anti-money laundering program, including customer risk rating methodology, automated monitoring systems and model validation.

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Disclosure of Foreign Assets and Gifts

Find out what circumstances may require you to disclose overseas entities and what you can do to avoid penalties on international assets and gifts. 

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How to Audit Corporate Culture

Many recent high-profile corporate scandals have shown the adverse effect of having poor culture. So how can internal auditors approach the significant undertaking of auditing culture? This interactive infographic shows the six steps you can take to get started. 

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Phishing Risk Assessment

How vulnerable is your company to a phishing attack?  Take this quick assessment to find out about your company’s risk and what you can do to mitigate it.


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U.S. Tax Calculator for Foreign-Owned Corporations

Thinking about expanding your business to the U.S.? Calculate and compare your potential tax bill based on federal and state corporate income tax rates in Florida, New York, California and Illinois.

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2017 Broward Executive Survey Results

Download this infographic to see how Broward County business leaders are feeling about the future.


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