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Hagan Farms has been growing, packing and shipping tomatoes in South Miami-Dade since 1954. They supply market fresh tomatoes in the winter months, when the rest of the country can’t grow.

As a multi-generation family business, Hagan Farms needed someone who had the knowledge and expertise of estate transfers. Luckily, they found Estate and Trust Principal John Anzivino and the team at Kaufman Rossin.

John was originally hired to work on the estate of M.T. Hagan. That was more than 35 years ago, and Kaufman Rossin’s estate and trust team has been working with Hagan Farms ever since, helping to transition the business through three generations.

“I have a lot of satisfaction seeing families like the Hagans where we’ve been able to move the business to multiple generations – the way they wanted it, with more control and with minimal or no tax,” John said.

“They helped us set up estate planning, not only to help us survive through the tough years, but also to look into the future,” said owner Sandy Hagan.

And there have been some tough years. Rebuilding the company after Hurricane Andrew, the buy-out of business partners, and preparing for an IRS audit are just some of the challenges that Hagan Farms has trusted Kaufman Rossin to help them through.

Two years ago was one of the toughest times yet, when Sandy’s husband passed away. Fortunately, her estate and trust team had everything in place regarding the estate transfer, and the family knew what to expect so there were no surprises with the business.

“Kaufman Rossin had everything set up,” Sandy said. “The transition was smooth.”

The business continued without interruption, and “all along the way we were able to avoid taxes by doing planning in all three generations,” John said.

After working together for so many years, Sandy and Hagan Farms have developed a close-knit connection with the Kaufman Rossin team. They speak warmly of their relationship. 

“Sandy and her family are also like family to us,” John said.

“It’s not just about accounting. It’s about caring for your family and your business, Sandy said. “I know I have the best company possible looking out for our best interests, and the heart of that company is in the people that work there. It’s just an outstanding team.”

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