A tribute to Jim Kaufman – our founder and our friend 


Jim Kaufman, who co-founded Kaufman Rossin with Jay Rossin in 1962, passed away on May 19, 2024, leaving a remarkable legacy that will live on for generations.

Jim was more than the co-founder of our firm – he was the heart and soul of Kaufman Rossin. He was a visionary, a charismatic leader, a wise mentor, a terrific partner, and a great friend. He believed in our potential and in our individual and collective abilities. And he taught us how to lead others, how to care for clients, how to build lasting relationships and, in many ways, how to live.

He taught us how to lead others, how to care for clients…and in many ways, how to live.

As Jim wrote two years ago, recalling the origins of the firm, “My good friend and fraternity brother Jay Rossin and I graduated from the University of Florida with strong evidence we were destined for entrepreneurship: we had built a much-appreciated (though short-lived) business providing sandwiches for hungry students. In the process, we learned a considerable amount about the hazards of insufficient staffing, long hours, and regulatory pressures.”


His unwavering dedication to excellence, integrity, and caring about others first has been the cornerstone of our joyful, people-first culture, and the source of our success for more than 60 years. We learned from the seminars he delivered to the whole firm family twice a year, covering topics like Why 2K is Big for KRCO, The Power of Renewable Energy and Partying on to Success. But the real learning came from watching him, working with him, and following his lead.

He built a legacy that we are all proud to carry forward. His influence will continue to guide us in our professional and personal lives.

Jim loved the arts, and through his philanthropy he showed us how to support what we care about in our community. He loved travel and the outdoors and surrounding himself with true friends. He loved working hard and playing hard. By watching his example, we learned how to build the lives we wanted for ourselves and our families.

To this day, Kaufman Rossin is recognized for its “best place to work” culture, which continues to bring joy to our employees and clients all around the world. As we look to the future of the firm, we know Jim’s spirit will live on. We’ll draw from the examples and vision of our founders in our continued pursuit of excellence, joy at work, and living life to its fullest.

And we will make sure their legacy endures.