The way healthcare is delivered, paid for and administered continues to evolve. Are you keeping up?

To thrive in today’s dynamic environment, healthcare organizations need to optimize their infrastructure and business operations to navigate complex regulations, capitalize on growth opportunities and mitigate risk.

Consolidation is also increasing, as some practice groups seek economies of scale. Others are choosing to join organizations with more administrative resources, so clinicians can focus on patient care.

These changes create operational and financial challenges in every sector of the market. You need experienced advisors to assist with transaction advisory services for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), data and cyber-security mitigation, and more.

We guide buyers and sellers through complex transactions.

Prior to a sale, we can assist sellers with cleaning up their accounting practices and converting their financial statements to accrual-based accounting to provide transparency for potential buyers.

During a merger or acquisition process, we also perform financial due diligence and quality-of-earnings reports for buyers and sellers, as well as perform black box analysis to evaluate the impact of any contracted changes to revenue reimbursement or procurement.

When preparing to enter a transaction, information is not always easy to come by. For example, for many reasons – including payor confidentiality clauses as well as competitive advantages – payor reimbursement rates and terms are often proprietary. Not being able to see other healthcare providers’ contracted reimbursement rates with payors limits the ability to fully assess the true value of a potential deal.

A black-box analysis is a solution that can help both parties take some guesswork out of a transaction as it compares managed care revenue levels under both the buyer and seller’s payor contractual rates to evaluate the potential change in revenue which may occur after a merger or acquisition.

It’s imperative to perform thorough financial due diligence for any potential healthcare transaction.

Financial statements calculated on a cash-basis may not give an accurate picture of whether a practice’s revenues and profits are growing or shrinking.

Smaller practice groups – often the targets for acquisition – tend to use the cash-basis method of accounting. It is critical to understand the significance of the impact between cash-basis and accrual-basis income levels, and what this might mean as you assess their financials, as there can be a significant lag time between when medical services are performed and when an insurer reimburses the claim.

From due diligence to post-deal integration, we’ve also helped buyers and sellers optimize deal structures to limit their risk, maximize their negotiating leverage, and improve deal outcomes.

We can help streamline your financial operations, reduce your tax burden, and keep your practice running smoothly.

Did you know that healthcare information is 10x more valuable than financial data to cyber criminals?

As telehealth and remote working increase, our privacy and cyber-security experts assess and help mitigate risks.

Our team understands the unique cybersecurity risks that hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare organizations face, and why they need an effective cybersecurity program.

We’ve assessed data security risks to healthcare records for covered entities and their business associates to help them prevent costly data breaches and, HIPAA violations and comply with the HITECH Act.

We’re experts in auditing risk-based health plan arrangements.

As value-based care models continue to become more popular, including payors shifting risk to providers, such as transitioning from fee-for-service to capitation and other risk-based compensation, these health contracts become more complex. Auditing these organizations – whether MSO or staff models, ACOs, or emerging categories like DCEs – requires experience.

We offer tax strategy, not just compliance.

Did your business develop a new technology to improve care, operations, or performance? Did you invest or improve your real estate? You may be eligible for tax credits.


Our team helps physician practices, hospitals, health systems, home health providers and at-risk providers improve their finances and transform their operations.

Services include:


Our healthcare clients include:

  • Physician practice groups across many medical specialties
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Outpatient/ambulatory surgery centers
  • Medical centers
  • Medicare Advantage providers (at-risk/value-based care/capitation)
  • Management services organizations
  • Accountable care organizations and clinical integrated network
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Long-term care and senior living
  • Home health care providers
  • Urgent care centers
  • Durable medical equipment manufacturers and distributors
  • Medical transportation companies
  • Medical billing and collection companies
  • Software and health tech companies
  • Life sciences/pharmaceuticals