Cybersecurity & CIO Consulting

Is your business prepared to manage evolving IT risks?

With global developments posing new challenges for businesses in every industry, business continuity planning and managing cyber risks are more important than ever.

Most clients don’t know the potential financial loss their businesses face if a cyber event or other major IT incident occurs. Many don’t even know what their cyber liabilities are, or how vulnerable their data is to a threat. Beyond regulatory compliance, it is a good business decision to protect sensitive information and systems and have a plan for swift recovery to minimize business disruption should any issues occur.

The number and complexity of computer viruses, cyber attacks, theft, vendor negligence and fraud continue to rise. No company is immune, and a security breach can result in irreversible damage to your finances and reputation. In today’s environment, you must understand the cyber security threats your business may encounter – including new threats related to more employees working remotely – and the solutions available to protect your data and information systems.

Kaufman Rossin has extensive experience performing information security risk assessments, assisting with business continuity planning, conducting phishing training and testing, developing systems of internal controls, and conducting full-scale compliance programs.

An essential part of cybersecurity planning is not only to prevent cyber attacks, but also to respond and rebuild after an incident.

Did you know that most cyber attacks start through phishing? Employees are often the weakest link in a business’ IT security chain, and bad actors are sending more sophisticated malicious emails with higher frequency. Through our PhishNet by Kaufman Rossin® employee training and testing service, we send a fake phishing email to your employees, monitor their response, and then analyze and report results to your management team, identifying and measuring the areas of highest risk. Employees who click are sent to a brief training to build awareness.

We’ve served more than 100 clients across industries, from healthcare to financial institutions, identifying threats and solutions to help manage their cybersecurity and information security risks. Our team of nationally certified information security consultants adheres to globally accepted and regulatory standards to meet your most challenging information security needs.

We provide services in the areas of compliance, IT governance and program development, and security testing and assessment.

  • Compliance
    • Internal Audit Support
    • SOC Reports
    • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance
    • SWIFT Compliance Consulting
    • GLBA/Red Flags Compliance
    • PCI DSS Readiness
    • ISO 2700 / COBIT Compliance
    • Privacy Audit
  • IT Governance and Program Development
    • Business Continuity Program/Business Impact Analysis
    • Red Flags Identity Theft Program
    • Record Management Program
    • Information Security Program
    • Vendor Management Program
    • IT Due Diligence
    • Incident Response Program
  • Security Testing and Assessment
    • IT General Control Assessment
    • Third Party Due Diligence
    • Network Security Testing (Internal and External)
    • Wireless Security Testing
    • Vulnerability Scanning (Internal and External)
    • Social Engineering Testing and Training (PhishNet)
    • Physical Penetration Testing
    • SWIFT Compliance Assessment