The Future of Accounting: Benefits of Migrating to QuickBooks Online

If you find that you are always on-the-go and want to leverage the newest technology to help effectively manage your business, QuickBooks Online might be the tool you have been searching for.

Got Unpaid Taxes? Your Passport May Soon be Revoked or Denied

The time is approaching when the IRS will begin certifying tax debt to the State Department, and if you’re not paid up, you may have to reschedule any travel plans.

The New “IRS” Scam You Might See This Tax Season

As we enter tax season, individuals and businesses need to be extra cautious so they don’t fall victim to fake IRS e-mails and other types of phishing scams.

New Reporting Requirements for Foreign-Owned Disregarded Entities

The IRS recently finalized regulations requiring foreign persons with domestic disregarded entities to disclose to the IRS their beneficial owners.

How Will Trump Tax Policy Affect Businesses?

Businesses are likely to benefit from proposed tax changes under the new Trump administration, which favors reduced rates and reduced regulation intended to guide U.S. companies toward growth and prosperity.

Avoid These 10 Common QuickBooks Errors

With each New Year comes a new set of tax filing deadlines and that means businesses are working hard to update their existing QuickBooks files or setup new ones.

New Version of Form I-9 Required for Employers

On January 22, 2017, a new version of Form I-9 will officially replace the existing version and previous versions will no longer be accepted for new hires, re-hires and certain existing employees.

Tax Information Exchange Agreement Could Boost Ties Between U.S., Argentina

A new agreement between the U.S. and Argentina allows for greater collaboration between the two countries’ tax authorities and is expected to create tax transparency, curb tax evasion, and help to identify money laundering.

IRS Expands Foreign Assets Reporting Requirement

The time has finally come for certain specified domestic entities (i.e., certain corporations, partnerships, and trusts) to comply with FATCA reporting by filing a Statement of Specified Foreign Assets (Form 8938).

How Will Trump Tax Policy Affect High-Net-Worth Individuals?

With the January 20th inauguration looming large, and political appointments and late-night tweets flooding the news on a daily basis, many Americans are anxious to see what type of changes a Trump presidency will usher in starting in 2017.