Public Companies

We don’t want to be your auditor. We want to be your strategic partner.

Independent auditors help business leaders comply with financial reporting requirements. And skilled auditors are essential for public companies and pre-IPO companies. But they can’t make your business better by offering transformative, value-adding services – independence rules prohibit it.

Your auditors can‘t help you design and implement new financial systems that measure key performance indicators. They can’t build intelligent automation solutions to improve the speed and accuracy of your processes. And they can’t provide planning advice that takes advantage of new tax opportunities.

Even if you have great auditors and brilliant internal resources, an experienced outside perspective is invaluable.

To compete in this dynamic market, you can’t stand still. You should continually assess where you can revolutionize your business. Are there opportunities to improve organizational strategy, internal controls, business processes, technology, tax structuring or acquisition strategy?

Successful transformation—maybe even survival—requires strong collaborators who have traveled this path before.

Our clients find that engaging a second independent professional firm like Kaufman Rossin can substantially improve their ability to seize opportunities, mitigate risks and better position their company for future growth.

We help public companies and pre-IPO companies in the following areas:

Transformation and growth

Risk mitigation and compliance

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Would your management team and board leadership benefit from an experienced strategic partner? With more than 55 years helping business leaders seize opportunities and manage risk, Kaufman Rossin has the experience and expertise to help public companies navigate complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Our professionals are skilled in operating and building businesses, consulting, M&A, technology, business valuation and other areas. Contact us to learn how we can help you, your board and your business.