Law Firms

We serve firms and their clients.

Clients need dedicated attention. But you also have a business to run.

Managing a law firm poses new challenges every year. Competition from non-legal professionals, in-house attorneys and even online tools are threatening the profits of some firms.

State regulatory restrictions and the risk of cyberattacks demand changes in the way data and business processes are handled.

To continue to meet your strategic goals, you may need insight that comes from a wider perspective on the business of law.

That’s what we’re here for.

For more than five decades, we’ve worked side-by-side with sole practitioners and some of the largest South Florida’s law firms, providing guidance with complex financial matters in and out of court.

We’ve helped law firm leaders assess merger opportunities, identify key performance indicators to measure and manage their business, and evaluate the profitability of emerging practice areas.

We’ve even analyzed the financial aspects of partnership agreements, to see that numbers work the way you intended.

We help law firms thrive amidst industry changes and new demands from clients, partners and the competition.

Kaufman Rossin’s law firm team includes professional specialists who provide audit, tax, accounting and consulting services, as well as forensic accounting and litigation consulting.

Our team has more than a dozen testifying experts with a wide variety of expertise and credentials, including financial forensics, economic damages, fraud examination, anti-money laundering, business valuation, IT security and e-discovery.

We understand fee pressures, the complexity of partner compensation systems, and the need to plan for your firm’s future.

We can also help evaluate the health of your firm and reduce exposure to risk by assessing firm governance, financial reporting, risk management, fiduciary practices and overall financial health.


Our professional services for law firms include: