• Training Employees to Flag Phishing Emails

    Training and testing employees is one way to mitigate the risk of a cyber-attack against your business. Learn more about PhishNet by Kaufman Rossin from Information Security and Compliance Director Jorge Rey.

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  • Phishing Risk Assessment

    How vulnerable is your company to a phishing attack?  Take this quick assessment to find out about your company's risk and what you can do to mitigate it.

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  • Cybersecurity: What is Phishing?

    Phishing is one method hackers employ to steal data from company networks. Learn more about phishing attacks from Kaufman Rossin's Jorge Rey.

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    Cybersecurity: What is Phishing?
  • PhishNet

    Did you know that most cyber-attacks begin through phishing? What are you doing to protect your business?

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PhishNet by Kaufman Rossin

What are the chances one of your employees would open a dangerous email?

Every day, cyber criminals send targeted phishing emails to try to attain sensitive information, acquire credentials or distribute malicious code. Inadequately trained and unwitting employees can be tricked into downloading attachments or visiting rogue websites – it only takes one click to put your company at risk.

PhishNet by Kaufman Rossin offers businesses a proven way to test and train their employees on recognizing cyber risks. By enhancing your defense against phishing and other social engineering attacks, you’ll be better positioned to protect your organization.

How PhishNet by Kaufman Rossin works

  1. Planning: Kaufman Rossin’s risk advisory services team will first meet with your company’s leadership team to gain an understanding of the culture and level of cyber security awareness.
  2. Testing: After working with you to develop a fake phishing email designed with your employees in mind, our professionals send you an activation email that allows you to launch the phish to your employees when ready. Employees who click on the link or attachment are directed to phishing and cyber security awareness training.
  3. Reporting: We work with your organization’s incident response team to monitor response to the email. We track employees’ reporting of the phish and share the results of the test with your company’s management team via benchmarking reports, detailed activity reports, comparative reports and/or incident response reports.

PhishNet service options

PhishNet by Kaufman Rossin is available on a subscription, bootcamp or period basis.

  • Subscription – PhishNet is conducted on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis
  • Bootcamp – 12 weeks of continuous phishing testing and training
  • Period – PhishNet is conducted for a specified time period



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