Kaufman Rossin in the Community: His Children International


Which organization are you involved in and what is its objective?

I’m involved in His Children International, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring God’s love to children in need by breaking the cycle of poverty through comprehensive support in the spiritual, physical, cognitive, emotional and social areas of their lives.

What is your role with the organization?

I assist the organization with its fundraising efforts. A little truly goes a long way; with just $1 you can make a big impact on the life of a child in need, as this small donation could provide nutritious food, medical assistance, school tutoring, and spiritual support, among many other benefits.

Why did you decide to get involved in this organization?

I learned of His Children through the WOW program offered at my local church and my kids’ previous school about 4 years ago. My family started participating in WOW (Winning Our World for Christ), an exciting program under His Children International, created to connect children from schools throughout the United States with underprivileged children in local cities and other countries.

My children participate in the WOW program and receive practical knowledge in the true meaning of compassion and selflessly caring for others, through diverse volunteering opportunities and helping other children in need.

After some time with the program, my family discovered there were also opportunities to sponsor a child overseas. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with your sponsored child and form a bond that will change both of your lives. We often send letters and photographs to the child we sponsor, and it brings my family such joy! It’s something that has brought us closer in gratitude.

How has Kaufman Rossin contributed to your success with this organization?

Kaufman Rossin is always very supportive of giving back to the community. Jeans Day is a great platform we have to support the fundraising efforts of our colleagues and donate to causes we are passionate about. Jeans Day provides me with an opportunity to build awareness about His Children.

What is your advice for others who are thinking about getting involved in the community?

My advice is to find an organization in your community that aligns with your beliefs, and follow your passion! You need to understand the needs of others and find time to volunteer in your community. You can start by giving back to your local church, your neighbors, schools, your friends, your family, and if you have a company like Kaufman Rossin who cares about giving back and support you, partner with them! It’s very gratifying to give back and have an open spirit of giving; you can have a big impact in a positive way in someone’s life.

Maria Toledo, CPA, MST, is a International Tax Principal at Kaufman Rossin, one of the Top 100 CPA and advisory firms in the U.S.

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