Black Opportunities for Leadership & Development

The Black Opportunities for Leadership & Development (BOLD) Employee Resource Group was founded in 2020 to support Black employees throughout the firm and our community.

Equity & Representation

The vision of the BOLD ERG is to promote an inclusive work environment by fostering equity and representation for black employees at all levels, and increase community and cultural awareness.

At the heart of their mission is recruiting, retaining and advancing diversity by increasing the understanding of diversity issues, facilitating advancement for black employees, and participating in activities that uplift the Black and African American community.

ERGs create a safe space that allows individuals to gather and deepen connections.

Dionne Grundy, Tax Services

image of BOLD ERG members at career fair image of BOLD ERG members at career fair


The BOLD ERG helps foster connections with black educational institutions, provide resource support at professional events and establish targeted mentorship opportunities.

Business & Talent Development

BOLD ERG members participate in the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce and NABA meetings and events, as well as identify career development opportunities for black employees.

BOLD-employee-resource-group-members-in-front-of-jamaica-4k-run-signage BOLD-employee-resource-group-members-in-front-of-jamaica-4k-run-signage

Community Involvement

BOLD supports local black organizations through volunteer work and sponsorships to support underprivileged youth, civil rights and fairness in our criminal justice system.

BOLD Culture

BOLD ERG members are proud to represent their heritage, and promote cultural awareness within our various offices and communities.