Kaufman Rossin Thrive

The Thrive Employee Resource Group was founded in 2023 to provide a forum and resources for employees to address mental health and fitness.

The pandemic melded our personal and business lives and created many challenges in balancing these two parts. THRIVE has created a safe place to explore, educate and realize you are not alone in the challenge to balance and feel whole.

Lynn M. Brewer – Director, Entrepreneurial Services

Mindfulness & Support

The Thrive ERG works hand-in-hand with the firm’s Human Resources (HR) team and others to facilitate a mindfulness culture in the workplace, encouraging and providing education and peer support, and helping employees to “thrive” both personally and professionally.

Education & Awareness

Thrive meets every other month to educate, discuss, and support firm employees on relevant topics. The group’s open forum allows for important discussions, creating connections, and supporting firm members with various strategies and tips to strengthen mental fitness.

Talent Retention & Professional Development

Forming meaningful connections with a team you can trust is key when you’re new in a company; maintaining and growing those relationships is what makes our firm “home” to so many diverse professionals. Thrive members reach out to new hires to welcome them, and host office events together with the firm’s Human Resources (HR) team to deepen connections.