Join Us in Celebrating Our Community on Give Miami Day


Our Miami community means so much to us.  And on Give Miami Day, Nov. 20, 2014, we’ll put our money where our mouth is with a special employee event to honor every Kaufman Rossin staff member who gives to the organizations they support. This day of giving, created by The Miami Foundation, offers the opportunity for every one of us – and you – to help make our community stronger.

Miami is where our firm was born 52 years ago, envisioned by two young accountants with a dream.  It’s where most of our employees – now over 400 – live, work and play.  It’s where we raise our families, educate our children, and take care of our parents.  And it’s where our business has prospered – by helping clients grow their businesses, protect themselves from risk, and make their own dreams real.

Our firm was recently named one of the top corporate philanthropists in South Florida.  And we’re proud to do our part.  But we’re even more proud that the organizations we support are chosen by our employees, at all levels and from all departments in the firm.  Our professionals serve more than 250 organizations in our South Florida community.  Our financial support goes to the causes we are passionate about – passionate enough to dedicate our time and talent.

  • We’re passionate about building our next generation of community leaders, through educational organizations like Breakthrough Miami, Communities in Schools, Educate Tomorrow, FIU, University of Miami and more.
  • We’re passionate helping our city as we grow into a world-class arts community, through arts organizations, including Florida Grand Opera, Locust Projects, Bakehouse Art Complex and more.
  • We’re passionate about making sure those who need real help have the resources to get it through human services organizations such as The Women’s Fund, Voices for Children, CHARLEE and more.
  • We’re passionate about making our community healthier, through organizations like Miami Children’s Health Foundation and St. Jude’s Research Hospital.
  • We’re passionate about creating conversations and action about diversity, through organizations such as MCCJ, NVEEE and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
  • And we’re passionate about creating opportunities for our business community to thrive, through business organizations, including the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, South Florida Digital Alliance, Junior Achievement and more.

Social responsibility is one of our core values. It’s our responsibility – and yours – to make sure the people, the culture, and the institutions of our community have the support they need, not just to survive through economic shifts, but to grow stronger and more effective in the years to come.

Janet Altman is a Management Chief Marketing Officer at Kaufman Rossin, one of the Top 100 CPA and advisory firms in the U.S.

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