Kaufman Rossin in the Community: The Underline

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Which organization are you involved in and what is its objective?

I volunteer with The Underline. The project is “transforming the land below Miami’s Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park, urban trail and living art destination.” The goal of The Underline is to “connect communities, improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety, create over 120 acres of open space with restored natural habitats, encourage a healthy lifestyle, provide an easily accessible place to exercise, create a mobility corridor that integrates transit, car, biking and walking, provide a 10-mile canvas for artistic expression, attract development along US1, and generate significant economic impact.”

What is your role with the organization?

I am involved with The Collective, “a dynamic group of urban enthusiasts, ages 21-40, who share a passion for promoting The Underline and transforming Miami.”

Why did you decide to get involved in this organization?

In September 2018, the Wall Street Journal published “The Most Dangerous Place to Bicycle in America.” I learned that the number of cyclists killed in motor-vehicle crashes nationwide hit 840 in 2016—the most recent data available—according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That was the most since 1991 and a 35% jump from 2010. Florida was rated the most dangerous state and Miami was among the 50 largest metro areas listed as the most dangerous place to ride a bicycle.

Horrified after reading the WSJ article, one of my best friends introduced me to the vision of Friends of The Underline Founder and President Meg Daly. For someone who is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, improving safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and restoring underutilized parts of our community, The Underline was the perfect organization to align myself with. I truly believe that through the development of this world-class urban trail, The Underline will deliver a measurable economic impact, create a space for artistic expression, provide a safe transportation solution, promote a healthier lifestyle and, most importantly, build a better city for future generations.

How has Kaufman Rossin contributed to your success with this organization?

At Kaufman Rossin, social responsibility is one of our core values and we believe that it is our responsibility to commit ourselves to continuous community involvement. The firm has helped me provide generous donations to The Underline’s efforts, including our latest Jeans Day fundraiser.

What is your advice for others who are thinking about getting involved in the community?

Find an organization solving issues that you are passionate about. When you can’t stop telling others about it, you’ve found the right cause to put your efforts behind.


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