What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

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QuickBooks Desktop 2019 has arrived and with this release comes several new features and improvements that can help you better run your business.

From better inventory reporting options to easier ways to track the status of customer invoices, the following are some of the most helpful additions and updates in different versions of QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier

Easy upgradeSave time and avoid frustration by moving to the latest version with just a few clicks.

Quickly move your installation of QuickBooks and your company files – Transfer your software package to another computer with only a few clicks and a flash drive.

Enhanced prompt to create bill payment instead of writing a check – When you select this option, QuickBooks not only takes you to the “Pay Bills” window, but also automatically filters the window for the specific vendor that you initially attempted to write a check for. This prevents the unintentional creation of checks to pay bills.

Filter to include or exclude inactive inventory items – The inventory valuation summary and inventory valuation detail reports now have an option to include inventory items that are marked as “inactive” but that have a value on hand. This is important for producing reliable inventory reporting.

Easier tracking of the customer invoice history – You can now get real-time visibility of invoice status and improve your collection process. You will be able to see when the invoice was created and when it is due, when the payment was received, and when the deposit was made.

Transfer credits between customer jobs – This feature provides a simpler workflow to allow you to transfer credits between jobs for the same customer.

Data file optimization improvementInstead of just trimming the data set, there is now a new option that enables you to significantly reduce file size. This allows you to condense your company file without losing important information.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

In the Enterprise version, all of the above have been updated plus a couple more features:

Setting permissions – An important feature for internal controls, you can now manage which users can view payroll transactions and reports.

Single place to manage fulfilling sales orders – Pick, pack and ship with ease. You can now also select multiple sales orders and perform Batch Actions.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

Reliable sick and vacation set up (only available with an active payroll subscription) – You can now set an employee’s accrual limits for sick or vacation pay and get a warning when your employee has used too much of these benefits.  In addition, you will also be able to include accrued, used and available sick/ vacation time on employee paystub.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

The 2019 Mac version includes a couple of other features in addition to some of the ones listed above.

Reconciliation discrepancy reportYou can now identify what changed since your last bank reconciliation.

iCloud sharingYou can open your company file from different Mac computers and continue where you left off.

Need help navigating the changes?

Intuit is continually improving the features and functionality of its QuickBooks product line. Contact me or another member of Kaufman Rossin’s QuickBooks Consulting team for help with getting the most out of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 for your business.

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