Kaufman Rossin’s Stephen Ng Named Vice Chair of the Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions Committee

Kaufman Rossin, one of the top 100 accounting firms in the United States, announced the appointment of Financial Services Tax Principal Stephen Ng to the leadership team of the Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions Committee.

The Taxation of Financial Instruments and Transactions Committee is part of New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA), which “aims to educate, connect, and grow our membership within the CPA industry.” The committee’s purpose is to stay abreast of the knowledge and rules of tax compliance in the hedge fund space, including but not limited to: taxation of financial instruments, and transactions for tax compliance practitioners in public and private practice. Members and patrons are in public accounting practice and private investment fund companies.

Within Kaufman Rossin, Ng specializes in the taxation of financial products and derivatives, as well as impacts on individual taxes. He guides clients through tax issues affecting hedge funds, private equity investments and funds of funds.

As Vice Chair, Ng will be assisting the Chair, Richard A. Cagnetta, to fulfill his duties for the two-year term. The Chair’s main role will be to conduct monthly technical meetings in the areas of taxation of financial instruments and transactions, and general hedge fund tax compliance, as well as the advisor’s tax compliance and planning. Mr. Cagnetta will also provide legislative tax updates in the hedge fund/private equity fund space, conduct annual conferences, provide a forum for tax practitioners to voice and introduce issues and resolutions to common and uncommon themes and scenarios, and occasionally write articles for the general public or letters to government officials with the intent of changing or updating policy. As Vice Chair, Stephen will also be in training to take on the Chair role after the Chair’s term ends in two years.

“I have been in this committee for more than 10 years as a member. It’s a great opportunity to take on this role and responsibility, and I look forward to putting all my effort in making it a success,” said Ng.

Stephen Ng, CPA, is a Tax-Financial Services Principal at Kaufman Rossin, one of the Top 100 CPA and advisory firms in the U.S.