5 ways business should be like yoga


My daily yoga practice is a lot like my professional practice.   And even if you’re not a yogi, there’s a lot you can learn from applying the principles.  Why wouldn’t you want to deepen client relationships, add more value, and reap the benefits?

  1. Show up with an open heart every day.  An open heart and an open mind make the time with clients more productive.  Showing clients you care, by listening and giving back to them, turns into better client relationships, more services sold, and even referrals.
  2. Practice the simple, everyday actions with  joy.   In yoga, we often practice the same poses (or asanas) from one day to the next.  But we don’t practice them by rote, just going through the motions.  By putting energy and joy into every action, in yoga and in business, we get stronger and more effective each day.
  3. Attempt something challenging each day.  Challenges are the way we stretch our bodies, our minds and our service to clients beyond expectations.  Ask a client the tough questions and challenge yourself to help.  Take the time to learn something new.  The stretch will feel fabulous, and your clients will see the difference.
  4. Fall gently and with a smile.  I can do a headstand, but sometimes simple balancing poses are difficult.  In business, sometimes things aren’t as easy as they seem.  A conversation you think is basic turns in a difficult direction.  Take it in stride.  With a smile, try it again!
  5. Don’t forget to breathe.  Sounds easy, but stopping for a breath or two when you’re in a difficult pose or a tight conversational spot can change everything.   It’s amazing how you can think more innovatively, solve clients’ problems more creatively, and just sound smarter when the blood has a chance to get back to your brain.

Janet Altman is a Marketing Principal at Kaufman Rossin, one of the Top 100 CPA and advisory firms in the U.S.

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