Kaufman Rossin in the Community: Good Karma Pet Rescue

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Kenneth Porras of Kaufman Rossin talks about his involvement with Good Karma Pet Rescue, a foster-based organization that finds loving homes for abandoned dogs and cats. 



Which organization are you involved in and what is its mission?

I am involved with the Good Karma Pet Rescue. The organization rescues cats and dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. It is a 100% volunteer-run foster-based rescue. This means that all of the animals taken in by Good Karma are fostered by one of the many volunteers. Through donations from individuals and businesses and partnerships with veterinary professionals, Good Karma is able to provide supplies and medical procedures for the animals in their foster network.

Tell us about your role with the organization.

I volunteer as a foster with my girlfriend. Together we have fostered over 15 cats, kittens and puppies in our home while they wait for their “furrever” homes. We simply take care of them and provide a safe and loving environment to ease their transition.

Additionally, I saw an opportunity to help save more pets by combining my love of photography with my love of cats and dogs. In the age of Instagram and social media feeds, a potential adopter scrolling through pages and pages of thumbnails might give some extra attention to an elderly dog or adult cat, which may otherwise be overlooked. If that animal has an interesting photo that shows off their personality and charm I believe they could have a better chance of being noticed and ultimately adopted.

What prompted you to get involved with this organization?

My girlfriend was the one who introduced me to the foster community as she had fostered dogs before. I’ve learned that the animals need rescuing for many reasons. They could be stray kittens born on the streets, or previous pets who have been abandoned by their owners through no fault of their own. Whatever the reason, the thought of being able to keep these sweet animals off of the streets while providing a safe home for them was a win-win for everyone.

Also, being a foster also allows us to learn more about our guest than pet stores or breeders may know about theirs. In familiarizing ourselves with their likes and dislikes we are in a position to make sure that their next home is going to be a good fit. The organization takes steps as well to ensure that adopters are fit to be owners. It feels good knowing that the person adopting our foster will be a perfect match for them.

What inspired you to coordinate a Jeans Day fundraiser for this organization?

Good Karma does so much for these abandoned, discarded and forgotten pets to ensure that they are not given up on and have a second chance at a happy life.  All I have to do is let these pets into my house until they find adopters. I wanted to do more for the organization.  The donations generated by the Jeans Day Fundraiser can help Good Karma to save more animals by giving the means to provide that life-saving medical procedure or another bag of dog food. By bringing awareness to Good Karma I hope that anyone who is interested in adding a new member to their family consider rescuing.

What is your advice for others who are thinking about getting involved in the community?

There is always a way to get involved. It didn’t take much for me to start fostering – just an apartment and open heart. Think of your talents, your hobbies and your passions, and how you can use those to help others in need. Everyone has something they are good at, so how can you use that to do some good?

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