Top Women Business Leaders Gather at Exclusive TCI Event

The Commonwealth Institute of South Florida (TCI) hosted its 10th annual luncheon event on April 2, 2015, at the Hilton Miami Downtown honoring women-led businesses and celebrating the achievements of the women who hold leadership positions.

TCI sent its annual survey to more than 4,000 women business leaders in Florida to better understand their unique characteristics and how they leverage that to advance professionally. Hundreds of responses were received and the results, assessed by Kaufman Rossin, of the top 50 women-led businesses, including the top 10 non-profit organizations, were announced at the luncheon.

“By hosting this event we were able to capture the challenges and successes experienced by female business leaders and open the discussion of how to overcome those trials and guarantee success,” said Laurie Kaye Davis, TCI’s executive director.

“We put the focus on the extraordinary women in our community who have set such a great precedent for all women, especially those in leadership roles in their respective organizations,” she added.

The event featured a panel of respected women, who are leaders in the community as well as their businesses, discussing the business climate for women in executive positions. The panel was lead by Janet Altman of Kaufman Rossin and included Alexandra Villoch, president and publisher of the Miami Herald; Ginger Martin, president and CEO of the American National Bank; Kuky Salazar, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia president of Private Jet Services, and Gillian Thomas, president and CEO of the Frost Museum of Science.

Additionally, the discussion focused on the challenges, accomplishments, industry trends, leadership, and how the women are able to achieve positive results in their roles.

Janet Altman is a Marketing Principal at Kaufman Rossin, one of the Top 100 CPA and advisory firms in the U.S.