Diversity Initiative

Kaufman Rossin values inclusion and diversity in its workforce as integral parts of its culture and keys to success. The overall mission of the firm’s Diversity Initiative is to foster an inclusive culture that encourages different perspectives and enables all of our employees to thrive professionally and personally, regardless of their backgrounds.

Each of our Diversity Initiative committees is composed of employees from various departments, levels and roles. The committees are employee-driven and supported by firm leadership and human resources to encourage a diverse and inclusive culture, which positively impacts our client service and ultimately drives our business.

  • Kaufman Rossin Empowering Women (KREW) Committee – The goal is to enhance recruitment, retention and advancement of women within the firm by providing opportunities to share information, hone skills, and build rewarding professional relationships that promote career development.
  • Work-Life Balance Committee – The goal is to increase employees’ access to and awareness of the various benefits that are available to help them better balance their personal and professional commitments and goals. Those benefits may include flexible schedules, remote-access technology and parental leave, among others.
  • Resources for Advancement Committee – The goal is to help employees at all levels develop the soft skills and technical skills that they need to advance their career as well as to increase transparency about what it takes to advance at the firm. This committee works closely with the firm’s training division, Kaufman Rossin University, to identify training needs and develop an effective curriculum.