Business Interruption, Fraud & Valuation Services

Kaufman Rossin’s professionals help business owners navigate business interruptions to mitigate economic impact, recover losses and position themselves to optimize recovery in the face of economic uncertainty. We assist with business interruption claims, fraud investigations, forensic accounting, bankruptcy strategies, business valuation and risk assessments.

Business interruption, fraud and valuation services may include:

  • Business interruption claims: Collecting the necessary information to measure the impact of COVID-19 can maximize the effectiveness of your insurance coverage, including proper tracking of revenues and expenses, important timelines and other such crucial data. Our network of attorneys can help you address the initial viability of any claim and help direct conversations with your insurance brokers. We can help you prepare to submit a compelling business interruption claim, supporting extra expenses incurred and lost income. ​
  • Fraud investigations, forensic accounting and bankruptcy strategies: Financial frauds tend to increase in stressed economic times; we can help you identify the causes of fraudulent activity, put safeguards in place to limit future exposure, and potentially recover losses. Our credentialed forensic accountants investigate frauds and work with our internal audit group to help bolster or revise internal controls for new business environments. In addition, we provide accounting assistance to trustees of bankruptcies or receiverships, including fraudulent transfers, clawbacks, solvency analysis, business reorganization and work-outs. ​
  • Business valuations: Our business valuation team can work with your estate tax professionals to optimize your planning. Performing business valuation procedures can help owners benefit from potentially lower valuations as a result of the pandemic, identifying opportunities like strategies to sell or transfer ownership or to reassess valuations related to pending transactions. Valuation procedures may also be necessary for companies who need to test their goodwill and long-lived assets for GAAP compliance.​
  • Catastrophic business interruptions and cascading 3rd-party risk assessment: The extreme pressure on various business cycles typically exposes potential recurring risks. Performing a risk assessment laser-focused on resilience can help businesses be prepared for future crises.